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Who We Are?


DoorServe specializes in helping you look your best with the least amount of hassle. We know that day-to-day life can be stressful and schedules are hectic, so we ensure when you use our mobile application we will alieve the stress of dropping off and picking up your dry cleaning & laundry by bringing it to your doorstep.

DoorServe caters to working professionals, busy millenials and family wranglers with no time to spare. If your work or personal activities leave you with little time to get things done, you can schedule a pickup and a delivery all thru our custom mobile application. Just think, that small task completed at the touch of your mobile device. Our free pickup and delivery service allows you to make breakfast, drop off the kids or drive to work on your own time. Our customer service breaks the mold by providing processing status of your items through the mobile app and treating your clothing and home fixtures with the highest standard of care.

Our services are performed to green standards of cleaning, which means your clothes will leave us in an unprecedented state of clean without contributing to the detriment of our local environment. We also serve businesses looking for dry cleaning & laundry in bulk. The point of a uniform is to present a unified and flawless veneer for your company, so we know that the state of your uniform is important to you. From restaurants to hospitals to hotels and airlines, we can take care of your dry cleaning needs at reasonable prices.

This is the new age of getting things done, fast and efficiently thru technology and still adhering to the highest levels of customer service. Try DoorServe today and manual trips to the cleaners will be a thing of the past!


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Download the App at Google Play, iTunes Appstore and Amazon.


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Delivery time is within 48 hours. A $20.00 minimum order is required.


Delivery Choices

We deliver to your home or office. You will receive your own personal garment bag.
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Billing is done electronically. We accept all major credit cards.

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Doorserve's reliable dry cleaning and laundry service includes all the same benefits as your normal consumer drop off services.
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DoorServe runs on Android and Apple mobile devices. You can acquire the app using the links below.

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Our Services

Day-to-day life can be stressful and schedules are hectic.  We ensure when you use our service we will rid you of the task of dry cleaning and laundry by bringing it to your doorstep.


Dry Cleaning Plant

Partnered with Fort Worth Laundry & Dry Cleaners a staple in Tarrant County since 1927.

Our Clients

DoorServe caters to working professionals, busy millienals and family wranglers with no time to spare. 

Mobile App Benefits

Our free pickup and delivery service gives you time back by taking care of your dry cleaning and laundry needs.

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You can call us at 817-989-0559 or email directly at

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